What Is JAS


What Is JAS Anyway?

JAS is an All-In-One Webserver, Content Management System, Project Management System, Case/Trouble Ticket Management,



JAS comes preinstalled on this remastered tahrPuppy Linux distribution ("Distro").

  1. Make the CD
  2. Boot
  3. Pass the Welcome to OS "first time use" screens/windows.
  4. Got a Desktop? Click Start-JAS
  5. Open a browser and go to http://localhost/
  6. Login: admin, no password.
Ton of software extras in the /jegas folder in addition to JAS! Just click and let it rip, the download starts immediately and will ask if you want to save it when it's already on your machine. Let me know if this fails - its a gig and some change so give it time before giving up. It will time out if the connection dies or something. Security warning: this system is not locked down, nor is Secure Sockets configured. It's recommended you use JAS on a safe network until you are ready to try your hand at installing JAS in its CGI mode so you can get the SSL from your existing webserver. I personally run JAS, even without SSL, PROVIDING I'm not logging in remotely or expect users to.
Have fun!

JAS Reference Manual

This manual was generated from the code itself and comments therein. This manual encompasses all of the JegasAPI as it is built

 Open Source

JegasCRM Project

JegasCRM, JAS and all included source code and media is distributed under the GPL3 license. See GNU Project - Free Software Foundation for more information about the GPL3 license.