index_img1.gif GOD
The Son, The LAMB & Messiah, the First CREATED god: Yeshua. Col 1:15-17 Fighting Each Other? Fighting for LIGHT Myths & Legends, Ghosts, Vampires and the Occult Fighting for DARKNESS Physics & Reality = 3 Spatial Dimensions  plus Time. THE ONE That could Save Jesus from death and raise him up to be seen! GOD. Nanak said, worship GOD. He didn't claim to be the Messiah.. but the Scripture they have is genius. No Convert, but if godless, Sikh welcome you. If Called by God, you too are welcome, but like communion, it has to be a legit calling from the MOST HIGH. Be a Great Christian and the Sikh Nod - Salute - You are representing GOD, Wonderful! And your Shepherd! Blessed is he that does the will of Jesus Father. (Nanak's Dad Too! Saint of another sort? I think.. YUP maybe?!?! Fruits of the Spirit are proof!) Medical, Biology, Evolution SMACK DOWN HOLY LAW versus DOGMA
NEw King James and Gideons and Catholic Bibles 100% Deleted all 6000+ YHWH references to the holy name just to replace it with LORD.
Was Voted to Jewish by the Vatican (The HArlot) and the spin offs, the harlot daughters.. and indeed, they are drunk with grape juice that turns to flesh in your mouth (eww) symbolic, yacks.. Yuck.
index_img2.gif 1. The Son, The LAMB & Messiah, the First CREATED god: Yeshua. Col 1:15-17
index_img3.gif TRINITY
FATHER #1 Priority 1
Holy Spirit
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Son LAMB #2 Priority 2
index_img4.gif SEALED SAINTS have 2 NAMES, NOT THREE!
Name 3 is ??? NO WHERE!!!!!! Priority 3
index_img5.gif Not GOD Almighty
index_img6.gif The Mystery of God is STUPID Harlot Rhetoric
index_img7.gif Jesus was Created Col 1:15 - before all Angels etc.
index_img8.gif Jesus was God's Master Worker for creation Col 1:16
index_img9.gif DIETY of CHRIST? Not CHRISTIAN if not down with TRINITY? UM.. show me a VERSE LIARS! HYPOCRITS. VIPERS.
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index_img10.gif 2. Fighting Each Other?
Sheep Dog says "BARK BARK BARK, nip, BARK!"
Shh.. play nice! - God's Table, yes? Love God (give him Peace) and love NEighbor (play nice even you want their head on a silver platter, I assure you John the Baptist won't find that sentiment funny, not even for a millisecond I'd guess, if you said that with him resurrected and walking, I'd drop to the ground in a bow just to avoid the possible GODSMACK to the one with the loose LIPS...  we have all done it, open our mouth a little more than is reasonable, yes? Careful with Pride and Taking Communion and such things whilsts judging all you see or who disagree with your world view. There is room for opinions without making YHWH and YESHUA IRATE at OUR INSOLENCE and PRIDE.
Pride doesn't cometh before the fall... Haughtyness does: I have an opinion that Elijah was Haughty.. while slamming all the people was not YHWH AIM, just those darn TEACHERS of these FALSE GODS and IDOL Worshipping Sick people. We know what is evil but when we see dabbling in occult, it is treated as cool... Like God the Father and Jesus the Son and cheers of Hallelujah, now Jah, Yah, YHWH, Jehovah, Yah-weh are voted to jewish for the Vatican and New King James and Gideon Bibles are 100% HALLOWED NAME FREE.... WHOOPS
Check yourself before you say I'm going to burn forever... Jesus knows better than you.. even your Pagan King Jimmy (6000+ times YHWH deleted and LORD put in its place... who's Agenda? Not YHWH or Yeshua - SAINT JOHN said what happens if you take away from the scroll... I Bow, again, in case Jesus is throwing millstones for the cowards who can't just bow to YHWH/Allah/WaheGuru and say in your mind to GOD "I'm Sorry, I will try harder" then do it :) Praise God. Pray to God. Love God... and also bend a knee to our King to reign over Earth Soon for YHWH and YHWH's KINGDOM.
index_img11.gif Buddhists and Islam
index_img12.gif Islam Radicals coming in as Immigrants in many nations raising HELL like minions of Satan. build Walls. Jerusalem has one.
index_img13.gif Protestants? Fight Everyone: Yall going to hell! Our Way or the Highway
index_img14.gif Baptists - You're not worshipping Jesus? HELL for You! Queer? BURN BABY BURN! lock me up on death row, USA kills THEM ALL (OMG) Famus Baptist? HOLY CRAP DUDE!
index_img15.gif Omish are very interesting, not perfect, but interesting anyways. For them its OMISH Against the World.. never hear much "BURN IN HELL HEATHENS from them, maybe they are a humble lot. All religions have issues and good eggs and vile ones tend to creep in also.
index_img16.gif Jehovah Witnesses - Best SAINT SCHOOL GOING - Same "My Way or highway" but blood sacred? YAY No Trinity? YAY Restore God's name to the bible? JEHOVAH YAY! Disfellowship could be lighter by family members... baptism on entry I think would be better than their noble stance. Can't knock it.. just saying.. want to baptise? then baptize.. bible way. They want you cleaned up first so you don't regret your decision to Baptize and dedicate to YHWH and Yeshua
index_img17.gif Penta-shake-A-Lots - NEver in no Nazi Camp, Never wiped out by Russians or China... only ones practically with "gift of tongues" and it's not done bibilically. Say a guy recently, got the Tongues another way, now he speaks like a ton of languages he never studied... if he lied.. not my fault... many liars and fake saints and stuff - visions - bah- most are normal dreams or little god kick in your butt to straighten up.
3. Fighting for LIGHT Happy
50% Truth Half done
75% Truth Three quarters done
Not Really a video Game - No Slandering ministries, just facts in scripture, do not teach they are from SATAN... JEESH... go to the table of god and debate like God Lovers, not gun or sword weilding freaks ready to jump[ into full metal jacket land. Protect the weak, and don't be a bully.. GOD School... all religions. Task done
Can pray with other church to "GOD" without DOGMA keeping us from chasing light together... its a journey, don't kick people off Mount Zion or Jesus may sing a happy dance on your EVIL HEAD... WRATH BABY - Millstone Territory. hell fire, crap.. but still alive? haha Vengeance is the LORD's hahah :) His justice is better than ours and we fight not flesh and blood.. so .. CHILL Yes
can walk away able to come back calmer to resume without throat grabbing - Go ZEALOTS Represent so we can see how it's done - peace baby! One GOD - Dance HAppy LOVE And Life and Lawful people who can live in society with freedom... No OPPRESSION. Yes
Exorcists and Muslims and Christians who battle with spirits despite their religion being less than perfect, if God gives them authority or Jesus does, then they are doing something right... or their help is ineffective with attaining peace again. Yes
4. Myths & Legends, Ghosts, Vampires and the Occult Sad
 Fact Versus Fiction... and that annoying blurring of reality "normal stuff" and "WHAT the hell was that? YOU GUYS SEE THAT? YUP! WHOA! More Weirdness? All hallucinations? No Sir. I'll give you 95% are junk... the rest.. take pause and think deep. Don't judge religions unless theycausing tons of evil and bloodshed and then show what they do wrong in scipture so they can be reproved and allowed time to study and freedom to disagree without losing his or her salvation... yes?
index_img18.gif Eternal Torture for finite Sin? NO - God never Lies, nor Jesus. One in Agreement - Key. Two flesh become one, is not literal, but symbolic, like communion - but reserved for the SAINTS. Take when not a SAINT... UT OH. Try Sorry, and take when he grabs you by the shoulders - YOU THERE - Drink... not just a man saying go for it. (careful) Risk
index_img19.gif Troy once thought to be myth, is true. What do the scientists say then? They know the difference between reality and legend.. hahahahahhahahahahah LOL LMBO haha LOL LOL LOL
index_img21.gif Hercules Followers are Killed in the Bible
5. Fighting for DARKNESS Risk
Racism Con
Wars versus peace talks. Con
Mob Violence Con
Vigilantism - Done Wrong is an Embarrassment to all sides of the GAME... No Touchy.. unless they are assaulting you, defend, protect the weaker, and when you win one for Justice, don't brag, you're a dog like me.. Good Boy... Tomorrow more might be expected... Great way to Represent GOD Country and the common man and woman - (tips hat - Nice, like a boss, not a gangsta) Diffuse conflict - rule #1 - try that first. let both sides walk away with dignity, tomorrow we may share a drink, SALUTE Ok Back to work - earth to save and kids to feed, so I'll see ya later. CHEERS! :) Con
Not giving Queers and Homosexuals Abode for Salvation... help lift, do not kick out their TEETH! Con
index_img22.gif 6. Physics & Reality = 3 Spatial Dimensions plus Time.
Time is a strange dimension we assume to understand completely, is it even tangible? To a Human, a Dog? No. It's a Variable speed limit, light speed is not fixed. Weird.
To account for Satellites traveling so fast and the space time continuum, atomic scale refinement of oscillating clock circuits, which oddly enough, an atomic clock is actually mechanical in nature like a wind up coo-coo clock does when wound. Weirdness... I love it. YHWH is Awesome. Yeshua said, he didn't come to glorify him self but he that hath sent him.
index_img23.gif There is more beyond our perception right in front of our faces... we are in the machine.
index_img24.gif Light Speed Varies, we do not know the laws here, so - millions of years or Time changing pace.. I dunno... open mind - we don't have all the details yet.
index_img25.gif Einstein
index_img26.gif Quantum Physics and Computing and Wave Collapse and Observation Responses. Whoa
index_img27.gif 7. THE ONE That could Save Jesus from death and raise him up to be seen! GOD. Nanak said, worship GOD. He didn't claim to be the Messiah.. but the Scripture they have is genius. No Convert, but if godless, Sikh welcome you. If Called by God, you too are welcome, but like communion, it has to be a legit calling from the MOST HIGH. Be a Great Christian and the Sikh Nod - Salute - You are representing GOD, Wonderful! And your Shepherd! Blessed is he that does the will of Jesus Father. (Nanak's Dad Too! Saint of another sort? I think.. YUP maybe?!?! Fruits of the Spirit are proof!)
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
index_img28.gif YHWH
index_img29.gif YHVH Latin Transliterated YHVH
index_img30.gif Yah-Weh
index_img31.gif JHVH Latin Transliterated
index_img32.gif Yahuwah
The Great Spirit
index_img33.gif Allah Merciful or Psycho
index_img34.gif Merciful Allah
index_img35.gif Merciful Jehovah
index_img36.gif Merciful Yah-weh
Merciful Great Spirit
index_img37.gif The Spirit who keeps the heads up for those Aborigine Natives, the tales without scripture do look Dark, but GOD doesn't forsake, though it seems it from our vantage. This Father YHWH Jehovah Waheguru - Never LIES. Keeps his promises, yes by blood line sometimes.. Grand Pa Jehovah Allah can do That. And The Native Americans.
index_img38.gif Waheguru - Punjabi for Jehovah or The Great Spirit or Simply GOD - Sikh don't convert you. Fruits of the Spirit, they overflow compared to the World, like Jehovah's Witnesses and Yah-Weh Ministries, and the Christdelphians have a lot to say, all in spirit who let bible win and not condemnation spat from your mouth is a form of oppression, is cruel and the sooner you realize we are all in this together... Praying to GOD as one Family - sounds like a GREAT IDEA and hits The First Commandment like a HOME RUN hit out of the PARK! Add All the prophets.. You're on your way...
I stand with them: SIKH View for Christians, Praise God, Love God, Pray to god, Ask God for Help and Guidance, Meditate on spiritual matters and improve one's heart and mind and spirit so they taste like honoey to GOD and Not Bitter, Servants to Humanity, is not a bad way to go... Sikhi Awareness and Ministry is all important but getting along as a big family is important to for united we stand against DARKNESS, apart, the walls close in from all sides and suddenly...
You are the one the Nazi's are after... Jews, Purple Hearts like Me and Queers.. then White Privilige racism, and all of it: YIKES!
 with them, I'm not a Gurbani ace, I did not convert, I added to what I already learned. But I have some inside information - you do too. Fruits of the spirit - plus ONE GOD Worship. Hmm. Morals? Do your research, Sikh are wonderful... not all... most ... yup.
index_img39.gif God who caused it all - the one never Created, simply GOD. Jesus' Father!
index_img40.gif Our Father, who art in Heaven whilst Jesus was a man, not GOD YHWH, but instead the son. It only says it over and over till you are blue in the face, then But JESUS is GOD.... sigh. Saint John said the contrary, TRUST YHWH and SAINT JOHN and JESUS not your TRINITY Theory.
TRINITY 3-Headed Fire Breathing Dragon Who lies - JESUS+GOD DANGER ZONE like Flat-Earth and taking Communion KOOL AID for Stupid or Called.. HOLY CRAP.. Hope you know what you are doing.
index_img41.gif Rude? No. Why? The REASONS
index_img42.gif Safe Trinity? Praise YHWH, Kneel for our King - Praise GOD, not Jesus. Bible Says GOD, not Jesus-GOD. Pray to GOD not Jesus. No ritual.. DEAR GOD, I am in need of guidance.. Works fine.
index_img43.gif RUDE is: I'm holier than you, you are from Satan Decived and doomed to eternal hellfire... THAT's A DAMMED LIE!
index_img44.gif WRATH of GOD, for the HARLOTs drunk with communion and unworthy praising the SON as GOD breaks the First Commandment - WAKE up - Praise YHWH, Praise Waheguru, Allah, Jehovah, GOD ALMIGHTY... Jesus Approves, ordered by SAINT PAUL!!!!!! TWICE he wrote to the congregations - FOLKS! All PRAISE ALL ALL ALL goes to GOD, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Islam and American Indians are faring better in more cases than you will ever think possible, change your lens, What Father takes pleasure in killing his sheep... the one with a bible causing suicides and mental cruety will have a reckoning, and perhaps YOUR OIL is low... REPENT often - means oops, I can up my game... Yes GOD.. no beer today but john can have beer, not me... hypothetically.. we all have some issues, yes? Help each other climb Mount ZION and Don't let Jesus see you kicking his sheep off the mountain.. the Accusers and the wicked not even trying will fair better then the one saying"Guess God didn't call them oh well , nuke them" WHAT? JEESH
index_img45.gif Flat Earth - Opinion? Ok. Holier Than Thou? Um... Threatening FLAT or BURN? WOW. Repent.
index_img46.gif 8. Medical, Biology, Evolution SMACK DOWN
index_img48.gif 9. HOLY LAW versus DOGMA
index_img49.gif Follow Country, State, Local, Military Laws
index_img50.gif DRUGS
index_img51.gif UNLESS USED TO CONTACT SPIRITS or ANIMAL SPIRIT etc. Shaman stuff. Taking a DRUG for super performance in battle... You do you, don't mess with me LOL :)
index_img52.gif Drinking
index_img53.gif Education - College - Tradeschool - Always Optional
index_img54.gif Education - Homeschool - Produces fine fruit with wise parents.
index_img57.gif Sheol Gets Destroyed - Grave yards no more.
index_img58.gif TRINITY is like Flat Earth - with agenda bible changes in the thousands made to push it - DECEPTION is UPON US.